No Trash Garlic

When it comes to garlic, I highly highly highly recommend using the fresh stuff rather than the pre-minced stuff that comes in a jar.

I call this “trash garlic” because it tastes like trash.

trash garlic 2

I know that this stuff is extra convenient. I definitely know that mincing garlic is a pain. But there are many other shortcuts that won’t effect the flavor of your whole dish like trash garlic will. The flavor of trash garlic permeates through the finished product like there’s no tomorrow.

In my kitchen, I have a mini food processor that I got for cheap and use just for mincing garlic, ginger and jalapenos- it lives right next to my cutting board and saves me a ton of time. You can usually also find pre-peeled bulbs of fresh garlic in the grocery store that taste fine.

Whatever you do, make sure to only put your jars of pre-minced garlic where they belong.

trash 2

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