Astrology Readings

Katya’s specialization as an astrologer is synthesizing information in a way that makes use of the nuance at hand, but is understandable, engaging and useful to people of all levels of astrology background. She is the resident astrologer with The Goddess Ceremony.

A person’s natal chart (birth chart) is their unique astrological blueprint, lending insight to all different aspects of their life. Whether you’re a skeptic with no astrology background or have fluency and would like to learn more about chart’s details- or if you have specific questions- one-on-one readings are the way to go.

Q: Can I have my child’s/partner’s/pet’s/friend’s chart read for me?
A: If you have their date, time and place of birth, absolutely.

Q: What’s the difference between a professional reading and a chart interpretation I can get online?
A: Unfortunately, computer-generated chart readings often cause more confusion and come from databases of antiquated interpretations of concepts

  • Mini-Reading $25
    Analysis of: your sun sign, moon sign, rising sign and other prominent placements
  • Full Reading $50
    Analysis of: sun, moon, rising, all planetary placements plus Chiron and Lilith, prominent house details
  • Detailed reading $75
    Analysis of: sun, moon, rising, all planetary placements, Chiron, Lilith, nodes, houses, major aspects
  • Detailed reading + Tarot $85
    Especially good for specific guidance and questions, the detailed reading is paired with a five-card tarot pull for further insight

Readings are done in person, over Zoom or over the phone based on your location and preference

All readings come with a typed report emailed to you

What you need: Your date of birth, place of birth (city/town/zip code is fine) and exact time of birth, to the minute if possible

Book by emailing

For examples of Katya’s approach to astrology, follow her on Instagram @katarinaanya for bi-weekly new moon and full moon reports, or check out previous reports.