Astrology Readings

Katya’s specialization as an astrologer is synthesizing information in a way that makes use of the nuance at hand, but is understandable, engaging and useful to people of all levels of astrology background.

A person’s natal chart (birth chart) is their unique astrological blueprint, lending insight to all different aspects of their life. Whether you’re a skeptic with no astrology background or have fluency and would like to learn more about chart’s details- or if you have specific questions- one-on-one readings are the way to go.

Q: Can I have my child’s/partner’s/pet’s/friend’s chart read for me?
A: If you have their date, time and place of birth, absolutely.

Q: What’s the difference between a professional reading and a chart interpretation I can get online?
A: Unfortunately, computer-generated chart readings often cause more confusion and come from databases of antiquated interpretations of concepts

  • Mini-Reading $25
    Analysis of: your sun sign, moon sign, rising sign and other prominent placements
  • Full Reading $50
    Analysis of: sun, moon, rising, all planetary placements plus Chiron and Lilith, prominent house details
  • Detailed reading $75
    Analysis of: sun, moon, rising, all planetary placements, Chiron, Lilith, nodes, houses, major aspects
  • Detailed reading + Tarot $85
    Especially good for specific guidance and questions, the detailed reading is paired with a five-card tarot pull for further insight

Readings are done in person, over Zoom or over the phone based on your location and preference

All readings come with a typed report emailed to you

What you need: Your date of birth, place of birth (city/town/zip code is fine) and exact time of birth, to the minute if possible

Book by emailing

For examples of Katya’s approach to astrology, follow her on Instagram @katarinaanya for bi-weekly new moon and full moon reports, or check out previous reports.