Cooking Classes

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Would you like to learn how to make amazing Thai food, brush up on your knife skills or step up your plant-based meal prep game? These cooking classes are the ultimate in personalization- they’re held in your home, open to just you or friends and family as well, and catered (no pun intended) to exactly what you want to learn at your level of experience.
Classes can center around a theme of your choice (Ethiopian cuisine, raw food, gluten-free desserts, cooking with cast iron, etc) or a menu of three to four of the dishes you’d most like to learn. Your food preferences and dietary needs are fully taken into account.
These classes are great for gifts, parties and events. Kids’ classes are also available.
$145 for a 60-90 minute class for 3-4 people, $20 per each additional person over 4. It’s a class and a multi-course meal for each person, so that price includes the cost of ingredients, PDFs of all the recipes, and the labor involved in shopping, teaching and answering any questions people have afterwards via email. Additional costs apply if you request specialized ingredients, all-organic ingredients or if the class ends up going significantly beyond 90 minutes.
Chef Katya Weiss-Andersson has experience teaching early childhood up through college, as well as adults. She has years of experience teaching in a variety of contexts and a love of sharing what she’s learned throughout her years as a professional chef.