Durham Queer Sports

logo by Chelsea Amato

Katya founded Durham Queer Sports as Durham Queer Kickball in Spring 2019, as a free-to-participate community athletic space for queer people and allies in and around the Triangle region of North Carolina. It has since grown to encompass soccer, basketball and ultimate leagues in addition to kickball, with over 400 members, and forever remains free to participate.
To get our weekly emails about what DQS athletic and social events are going on each week, email durhamqueerkickball@gmail.com
Instagram: @durhamqueersports

1. Is it too late to join?
Never! We have new people at every game throughout the season. Just email durhamqueerkickball@gmail.com with your name and pronouns, and we’ll get you all the info
2. What if I can’t make it to every game?
No worries- there’s no attendance quota. Come to one game, all of them, or anything in between
3. I’m not sporty/I’m injured and can’t play- can I go just to socialize?
Kickball and Soccer both have Queerleader (spectator) teams, and we always have regular social events. People can come to games and play as much or as little as they’d like, be exclusively spectators, or just come to the social events and not the games
4. Can I bring my dog?
Dogs are welcome in the park for outdoor leagues, but not the JCC for Indoor Soccer
5. Can I bring my kids?
Kids are welcome at all official DQS games and events with adult supervision- as long as you don’t mind them hearing profanity or adult conversation. The exception is when our social events take place in age-restricted establishments

DQS Rules

1.       Racism, transphobia, body shaming, ableism, sexism and other such garbage will not be tolerated. Straight cis allies are welcome so long as they’re respectful of this queer-centric space

2.       Kids are welcome, so long as they stay within adult supervision, as long as you don’t mind them hearing profanity and/or adult conversation. For social events, the exception is when an event is held at an establishment with age restrictions

3.       Respect people’s pronouns and bodies and be mindful of the types of privilege you occupy in this space

4.       Don’t be an asshole. This is a community recreational league with no prizes and nothing at stake. Healthy competitiveness is welcome, but captains, refs and directors reserve the right to address dickhead behavior as necessary.

Rules for each specific league (kickball, indoor soccer, standard soccer, ultimate, basketball and run club) are available via email