Menu Consultation & Recipe Development

Nowadays, it’s become almost mandatory for restaurants and small food businesses to provide options that cater to special dietary needs. Quality vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes in particular are options diners look for on every menu, but can be a hassle and difficult to execute successfully. Katya has consulted and developed recipes for many food businesses to help them choose the best special dietary options for their menus and customer bases.

Navigating the intricate equation of cost-effectiveness, perishability, ease of production, flavor and texture profiles, composition, aesthetics, nutritional content, theme and customer appeal is all taken care of for you. Whether you’d like to re-vamp your menu or just add a dish that isn’t the same old portobello mushroom with balsamic reduction, Katya helps you keep your gluten-free and Kosher customers happy so that your chef can focus on the types of cuisine they do best.

These consultation services can be provided in person in the NC Triangle area, the Denver Metro Area or remotely, click the “Contact” tab to request more information.