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The new-age & holistic wellness world is all about love, light, authenticity and wellness for all, right? Not always. Love & Light Confessionals, formerly Kumbaya Confessional, is the insider exposé on the bizarre epidemics of the crunchy hippie world: cults, spiritual charlatans, toxic positivity culture, illegal pyramid schemes, fad diets and more.
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While mainstream wellness spaces often leave queer and trans people out of the picture, the Queer Wellness Podcast is here talk about mental health, body-positive physical health, sex, relationships, spirituality, identity and more. Hosted by queer holistic wellness practitioner Katya Weiss-Andersson with interviews from guest experts, we offer a multitude of different modalities and practices to support whole-person, whole-community health.
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Theme music by Will Shishmanian